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It is not often you hear that a trainer is unable to achieve a client’s goals, and almost every personal trainer out there can help you reach the finish line, but the question is whether you feel like you had enjoyed the process of it?

After working in this field of work for more than 5 years. I have discovered something important that most trainers lack in or have stopped giving after a certain period of time… “ENJOYMENT”.

Not everyone has the same goals but EVERYONE needs a reason to carry on! Whether the goal is for atheistic, health or performance, without the element of FUN, the money might as well be spent on a new Prada or iPad right?

I'm a former personal trainer at Virgin Active who is currently offering studio and home-to-home personal training. My services cover Greater Manchester, including areas like Salford and Bury. I’m just a friendly trainer who aims to ensure you struggle each session with a smile on your face ☺, and to build a healthy and professional relationship, while getting you towards the finish line. Because life is short! Why do anything that is not enjoyable?!

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Level 4 Lower Back Pain
Level 3 Personal Training & Nutrition
GP Referral (Minor Heat Conditions, Arthritis, Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Sciatic Nerve Injury and other injury rehabilitation.
Level 1 MMA Training (Beginner)
Level 1 Life coaching
Level 2 Sport Massage
Others: Kettlebell, TRX (Suspension) & Battlerope training.
BA (Hons) Sports Science
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Personal Training

Daniel understands that personal training is not just about achieving results, but about enjoying the process—meaning that exercise becomes a passion and not a chore. Building a professional relationship is key to helping you achieve your fitness goals, developing lifelong fitness habits, and—most importantly—ending up with a smile on your face!

Nutrition & Diet

Too many people think that eating healthily means that your diet has to be restricted and boring. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Daniel is qualified in nutrition, and can help you to discover a world of healthy eating you never knew existed—eating a vibrant range of foods, and helping you to feel more energetic and get active.


The power of massage lies not only in feeling more relaxed, but also in releasing the tension and stress present in your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. As a qualified masseur, Daniel can help you recover from an injury, or simply release the tension that builds up day-to-day, helping keep your muscles in top form, and enabling you to make the most of your workouts.

GP Referrals

When you’re struggling with illness, or looking to get back on your feet following an injury, you need a personal trainer who understands your needs and goals. With Daniel, you can be sure that your programme will be suited to you as an individual, helping to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and giving you a new lease of life.


Not only do I offer service with a smile, but my sessions are competitively-priced. Check out the price list below to decide on the right gym or home-to-home training session for you.

Price per session £20
Package (4 sessions) £70
Taster session (40 mins) £12


"Daniel Lok is an amazing personal trainer who has helped me a lot over the last 12 months." - Samir Ullah, Salford

Train, Achieve, Enjoy

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